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Exelixis CEO Eyes Expanded Opportunity For Cabozantinib

SCRIP Intelligence's Emily Hayes sat down with Exelixis CEO Michael Morrissey at the Biotech Showcase, held concurrently with the 2018 J.P. Morgan Healthcare Conference in San Francisco, for a video interview focused on a recent launch of Exelixis' lead compound, cabozantinib, and potential future roles for the medicine.

"Morrissey explained that a great deal of energy and focus is going into looking at combination approaches with checkpoint inhibitors," Hayes reported.

"'There are lots of ideas, lots of biology and pharmacology and biology behind those approaches, combining these two orthogonal mechanisms can be a powerful way to go,' Morrissey said.

The development program includes research testing cabozantinib with Opdivo, plus or minus Yervoy, in hepatocellular carcinoma as part of the Phase II CheckMate 040 study."

For the full picture, watch the video here or read the story here.

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