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Peptilogics using 'rational engineering' to pursue MDR pathogens

BioWorld's Marie Powers featured Peptilogics Inc. as the company closed a $5.5 million Series A funding round to advance its engineered cationic antibiotic peptides (eCAPs) to develop IV antibiotics against drug-resistant bacteria.

"The urgent need to address the emergence of superbugs – subject of an extensive series last year in BioWorld – is no secret," Powers wrote. "Part of the issue, experts complain, is that incentives – funding, in particular – to expand the meager cupboard of innovative treatments and to maintain the supply of scientists pursuing these drugs have been sparse..."

"With a combined work force of 15 employees and contractors and plans to add more, Peptilogics sized its A round to advance its lead candidate through IND filing with the FDA, expected next year, and beyond. Given the amount of attention to MDR pathogens, the company is optimistic that it will attract additional interest in the ECAP platform as it moves into the clinic. In fact, big pharma already is taking notice, [CEO Sanjay] Kakkar said."

Read the full story here, and see additional coverage in FierceBiotech, Fortune Term Sheet, Endpoints News and BioCentury.

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