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Building scale: Lytx celebrates 20-years, talks future of video data

Commercial Carrier Journal's Aaron Huff features video telematics leader Lytx on its 20th anniversary, including the pivotal decisions that have shaped the company's legacy and where CEO Brandon Nixon sees video data heading next.

In conjunction with its 20th anniversary, Lytx announced it has captured and analyzed more than 80 billion miles of driving data on behalf of its 3,000+ commercial and government fleet clients, giving it unparalleled insights into driving behaviors and collision prevention.

"As vehicles continue to get smarter with more autonomous driving capabilities, Nixon sees the value of video-based safety systems increasing," Huff wrote. "...Video will help fleets to ensure that drivers stay engaged in both driving and non-driving work, [Nixon] says, and the use of machine vision will make it possible to give drivers more real-time corrective alerts."

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