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New AirMini Feature Allows Clinicians to Monitor Patients’ Sleep Remotely

MobiHealthNews’ Laura Lovett wrote on the debut of AirView, ResMed’s provider-facing remote patient monitoring platform, for its AirMini travel CPAP device for sleep apnea. Cleared by the FDA and launched earlier this year, AirMini is the smallest CPAP device on the market, designed as a second device to help patients more conveniently stick to their therapy while on the go

“ResMed said this connection will give physicians and healthcare professionals the opportunity to educate and engage patients to reach the best outcomes,” Lovett wrote. “In a study conducted by ResMed, which studied 128,000 individuals with sleep apnea, 87 percent of patients were adherent when remote and self-monitoring tools were used. ResMed boasts of remotely monitoring 4 million patients remotely everyday.”

Read the full story here.

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