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Lytx's DriveCam Featured as Tech Advancement in Waste and Recycling

In a piece on technological advancements in the recycling and waste industries, Maura Keller at American Recycler featured Lytx's DriveCam telematics program, highlighting the ways in which it can improve both safety and efficiency. Keller emphasized that video telematics solutions like DriveCam serve several purposes in this competitive industry, improving fleet safety and reducing costs, as well as increasing overall efficiency and maintaining positive brand reputation for clients.

Lytx's Vice President of Safety Services Del Lisk said: "We all know that being a solid waste driver is a dangerous job, and organizations within the waste industry – whether private companies or municipalities – are looking for more efficient ways to measurably improve safety and reduce risk without burdening their operations teams...Video telematics pulls double-duty by providing the video evidence and related vehicle data to help exonerate drivers and protect companies in the event of a false or fraudulent claim."

For the full feature on Lytx and other emerging technologies in the waste and recycling industries, read the full story here.

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