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ResMed's Mobile Health Technology is Breathing New Life Into CPAP Therapy

In a feature on the power of mobile health technology, mHealthIntelligence's Eric Wicklund highlighted ResMed's connected care platform for sleep apnea and the benefits it's bringing both providers and patients alike. Solutions like ResMed's remote monitoring platform AirView, which connects wirelessly to patients' CPAP devices to record, analyze and present crucial data, not only bridge the gap between patient data and clinicians, but also increase patients' adherence to sleep therapies, thereby improving the efficacy of CPAP therapy.

The article states: "Sharon Schutte-Rodin, MD, a clinical professor of medicine at the University of Pennsylvania's Perelman School of Medicine, says remote monitoring platforms like ResMed's AirView are important to doctors tracking the efficacy of sleep apnea therapy. And the advent of mHealth technology has improved a process that was once restricted to the lab."

Read the full piece here.

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