Lytx Study Uncovers Waste Industry Collision Trends

June 22, 2018

Waste360's Mallory Sczepinski featured Lytx data in an article about the high collision rates in the waste and recycling industry, diving into the causes and scenes of collisions in waste trucking fleets.

Mallory interviewed Lytx's VP of Safety Services Del Lisk for the story, who explains that the waste industry has a collision rate of about 63 percent, which is 8 percent higher than the overall percentage of collisions analyzed in this study. She writes on how Lytx's software and coaching systems can be utilized to bring this number down: "Similar to football, where coaches record and review plays to show players what they could have done better or how the result may have been different if they took another action, company leadership can use technologies like Lytx’s video telematics to show drivers what they could have done to stay safe and to relay information on how they can do better next time."

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