While You Were Sleeping: ResMed Builds an Empire in the Cloud

April 25, 2017

In an Xconomy feature, editor Bruce V. Bigelow highlighted ResMed's leadership in connected healthcare. ResMed, a developer of respiratory therapies for treating sleep apnea, COPD and other related conditions, has advanced its technology rapidly over the past several years, pioneering medical devices with built-in communications capabilities and corresponding advanced cloud technologies for both providers and patients. The company's technology now accounts for more than 3 million chronic disease patients remotely monitored everyday.


"In a matter of months, we went from a nobody in terms of remote patient monitoring to the number one leader in the world," Jim Hollingshead, ResMed’s president of the Americas, told Bigelow.


Read the full article on ResMed's powerful technologies and how they are benefiting both patients and providers here.

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