A 22-Year-Old Entrepreneur Moves Forward After a Life-Changing Accident Left Him Paralyzed

March 30, 2017

 Fortune's Polina Marinova covered the inspiring story of 2016 Thiel Fellow Anthony Zhang, who three years ago founded a successful food delivery startup for college campuses called EnvoyNow. Soon after being selected by the Thiel Fellowship, however, Zhang suffered paralysis from a diving accident, vastly changing the trajectory of his life, and his company.


“It's been almost one year since the April night when Zhang broke his neck diving into a swimming pool. Since then, he has been re-learning to breathe, speak, and swallow. He has been re-learning to live,” Marinova wrote. “Today, he celebrates a new milestone that fuses both parts of his life: announcing the sale of the company that once defined him and figuring out what comes next.”


Read the full article here.

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